Your conductors…
Bill Arnold – Guitars & Vocals
Chris Brown – Bass
Jon Johnson – Drums
Anthony Zack – Guitars & Vocals

Band Bio:

Roots from the Rustbelt!

Actively booking for 2020 and beyond, One Ton Trolley has dropped its first two singles, Don’t Tell Me and Dreaming, in support of their upcoming debut album, currently bring recorded and mixed at the storied Tempermill in Ferndale, Michigan, US. With engineer Jake Shives at the helm, both competent at his craft and enthusiastically on board the project, this first collection of originals is coming together brilliantly. It’s a labor of love, exemplifying the Midwest work ethic. Check out the singles below, or find them on the streaming or download app of your choice.

The Rustbelt often conjures imagery of hardworking folk from all walks of life, people who toil relentlessly, but humbly and merrily: on their craft, their work, their art, their leisure, and their relationships; people who are always learning and growing, excited to share their passions with others, and seeking enrichment in every interaction. Designed with intent and crafted with care, One Ton Trolley is the manifestation of these traits, delivering Michigan-made, Roots Rock music infused with riveting harmonies, lush guitars, and powerful rhythms.

With a collaborative focus, the Trolley is the vehicle by which front-man and guitarist Bill Arnold’s songs come to life, thoughtful songs steeped in the Midwest narrative, collectively defying the label of genre, yet individually providing a comfortable ride for the listener.

One Ton Trolley cordially invites you along for what’s sure to be a fun ride!

One Ton Trolley Stage Plot
One Ton Trolley Stage Plot